Commercial Office Interiors

Commercial Office.

When designing an office space, it’s important to strike the perfect balance between styling and utilisation of space. The entry way along with the reception and conference room should reflect the vision of your company. That’s exactly what our team of office interior designers at Thinkraft do. A complete analysis is done upon what you need and what your clients and business associates are looking to experience when they enter your office.

  • Reception Lobby

The entrance of your office builds the image and reputation of the firm. First impression always lasts.

  • Conference Area

An area where meetings can be taken without any distraction with all the amenities required.

  • Modular Office Workstations

Space at your office can be managed better now with modular office workstations.

  • Director Cabins

The most important part of the firm where crucial decisions are taken should have a subtle element in it.

  • Manager Cabins

A manager works as hard as employees and deserves to get a perfect place to brainstorm and put ideas into creation.

  • Pantry/ Cafeteria

The lunch break is the time to socialise with your colleagues. It needs flawless cafeteria to lighten stress at work.



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Commercial Office Interiors